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Ethyl Vanillin

  Ethyl Vanillin is widely used in perfumery as a sweetener and fixative, not only in very sweet type floral fragrances and the conventional fruity lipstick-type fragrances, but in general as part of the fixative element in perfume compositions where a creamy sweetness is desirable.
  Ethyl Vanillin is 2.5 times stronger than vanillin and often used to substitute a larger amount of vanillin in fragrances. It is used very extensively in flavour compositions, mainly in imitation Vanilla, also in chocolate, Cream-Soda, butterscotch and in almost any type of fruit flavour, Caramel, Nut, etc. as well as Rum, Butter etc. as a sweetener, fixative and amplifier to the flavour composition.

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